We all make our journeys. Some of us take daily trips to our job and back, some explore the hidden areas of their own city, some can go around the whole country in search of new impressions, and some even travel to other countries to find something new. But if you are short of money, it’s hard to take a voyage to a distant continent. However, today this problem can be solved easily and quickly in the virtual world. If you love realistic simulators, join the countless army of Raft fans! You can download this game for PC.

You are going to find yourself in a hard situation. Your ship has sunken and there is nobody to help you. To make things even worse, your character is floating in the open sea on a raft that is barely holding together. You first and foremost task is to do everything in your power to make your transport sturdier. You are surrounded by the dangers of the ocean and have to do your best to stay alive. Leaving the sinking ship, you had time to take along only a hook that will help you fish out various things swimming in the water. Using this debris, you can build a rather decent vessel equipped with all kinds of instruments and even furniture. Quite comfortable, isn’t it?

But peace and quiet won’t last forever. The sea is full of sharks. You’ll have to keep away from these dangerous predators until you craft a weapon to kill them. If you manage to ensure your safety, you’ll become a successful traveler who won’t be able to part with his new and cozy home on the water. After all, it’s not that easy to die in this simulator if you stay alert and take care of providing yourself with enough food that you can catch in the sea or grow right on your raft. Take some effort to improve your sailing lodgment and it’s going to pay off!


  • Look and hunt, grab
  • Shoot, strike

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