Killing a shark


Most of us are used to living in comfort. We can’t imagine our life without the achievements of human civilization. Well, in this game you’ll have to start from scratch and build an entire home on the water with your bare hands. At first, you won’t have anything except a small raft drifting in the middle of the ocean and a hook. Why do you need it? If you look around, you’ll see a lot of stuff swimming by. Some of these things may seem useful to you, some not quite so. But it makes sense to pick up everything, because you can never know what you are going to need next.

From this debris, you can create a great variety of instruments, weapons and furniture to lead a more or less comfortable life adrift. Gradually, you’ll be able to surround yourself with everything you need to feel at home, even plant a few palms to relax in their shade. Note that you’ll also have to get food and protect yourself from the predators of the sea. So you’d better hurry up and build a hefty harpoon to fight off hungry sharks. This game is a perfect simulator of surviving on a raft, lost amidst the unknown waters, only you don’t have to leave your computer and really suffer all those hardships! Launch Raft online and set off for an unforgettable adventure!


  • Look and hunt, grab
  • Shoot, strike

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