Raft gameplay


We always dream of distant lands, but don’t always have an opportunity to travel where we want. Sometimes it’s easier for us to see someone else set off for a dangerous voyage that might lead them to a place full of wild animals or leave them without a roof over their head. It’s very interesting to watch such dangerous moments, but few of us would like to encounter all those difficulties on their own. Today, however, we can easily combine thirst for adventure and home comfort – playing games like Raft! Are you ready to take the role of a fearless sea dog that can withstand any hardships? Then let’s go!

Your character is a common person who was taking his first big ocean trip. One day, though, the ship got into a terrible storm. You only had time to climb onto a small raft and watch the vessel go down. Now you can only count on yourself and you’ll have to work hard if you hope to survive. All you have is a rusty hook in your hands, but even with this you can significantly improve your chances. Pick out debris from the shipwreck and the contents of the cabins swimming around to provide yourself with everything you need. With time, you can turn your raft into a quite comfortable home and even start growing provision right on your water transport. Being lost in the sea doesn’t free you from the necessity of regular and thorough eating.

But don’t think that your troubles will end with that. There are plenty of sharks swimming around. They can either end your sufferings with a few quick bites or become a nutritious dinner that will add some protein to your menu. You can catch other fish as well; for that, you are going to need special equipment that can be crafted from various materials floating on the sea waves. Don’t forget to check the indicator of your character’s life! If you put some time and thinking into crafting, you can turn a lousy raft into a huge vessel that is quite suitable for swimming around the world! Another convenient capability of Raft is that you can save the current game status. It has everything to enjoy a highly realistic, detailed gameplay without any hitches. Share the game with your friends and find out who is going to make the best Robinson!


  • Look and hunt, grab
  • Shoot, strike

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