Raft hacked


Nobody likes to sit at home and simply wait for something interesting to happen. If you want to make your life more thrilling, you have to look for adventures yourself. And only after being tested by troubles and hardships, you can fully uncover your potential. In real life, only few are capable of that. But the virtual world allows everyone to become a hero. If you want to take a challenge and set yourself up to a real trial, welcome to hacked Raft!

This game will throw you into the middle of the ocean, all alone, with no help or means of surviving. Most likely, you were a passenger on a cruise ship, but what happened to your vessel? Did it get into a storm and go down? Or was your character simply cast into the water by his enemies? We don’t know. But luckily, you managed to climb onto a tiny raft and save your skin. Now you are about to prove that this chance wasn’t given to you for nothing.

First of all, you have to gather everything that swims by. Planks of wood, sea garbage, random items – you are going to need all this to fix your raft and turn it into a formidable vessel rather than a piece of debris. You need to make it wider and thicker so that it can withstand the pressure of ruthless waves. When this issue is solved, you can proceed to building your own house on the water. But to do that, you need to be strong and healthy. And that means you need to eat. It’s time to craft a few rods and go fishing! At the same time, you can set up a minigarden on your raft that will diversify your diet with fresh vegetables and fruit. To find out whether your character is hungry, keep an eye on the indicator that will alert you when it’s time for dinner or going to bed.

Don’t forget about the sharks that are swimming nearby. They are only waiting for the right opportunity to jump at you from the water and have you for breakfast. So if you don’t want to end up in their stomach, you’d better secure a couple of weapons to fight off their attacks. Remember that in this game there is not a thing you wouldn’t be able to build with your own hands. Don’t miss anything of the useful stuff floating by and feel free to craft anything you need to feel comfortable and safe in your new home. From various instruments to luxury items, you can turn it into a fantastic villa overgrown with palms and capable of withstanding the fiercest storm! Unknown horizons are waiting for you, so don’t waste your time and set out right away!


  • Look and hunt, grab
  • Shoot, strike

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