Survival game


There is barely a person in the world who doesn’t like traveling. Unfortunately, you can’t guarantee yourself from all the dangers you can encounter along the way. Whatever kind of transport you choose, something can always go wrong. But our character isn’t afraid of challenges. That’s why he set out for a dangerous trip in an amazing simulator called Raft survival game. You are going to start out on a small piece of wood and gradually expand it with the help of the countless debris floating around. Once you solve the problem of basic safety, you can add a roof or even a second floor where you can hide from high waves.

A home on the raft is certainly fine, but you are going to eat something as well. While you can catch various kinds of fish right in the sea and cook it on fire, there is also an option to build your own floating garden that will supply you with fresh fruit and vegetable. You’ll have to regularly check the key parameters of your character’s health to keep him from perishing in the middle of the ocean. And stay away from sharks that are looking for the right moment to attack your raft and get a taste of your flesh. Get your weapons ready in case they decide to take you aback. You won’t notice how time will pass!


  • Look and hunt, grab
  • Shoot, strike

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